CYGO is planning and deliberate action towards mining near earth asteroids, molding and casting of interlocking pieces, assembly of private interconnectable space vehicles, assembly of space platforms in various configurations (incl. settlements and quarters for residents and tourists) and assisting in setting up operations in space. We are engaged in working out detailed plans, cost-benefit analyses, and informative presentations.

The mission of the CYGO Space Initiative is to
-- plan and conduct exploration missions to minor planets
-- mass produce, in space, a multi-purpose interconnectable module
-- to offer products and services using space and the materials therefrom

The CYGO Space Initiative started in 1999 along with the CYGO.COM website. Throughout the years, via our website, we have promoted science, space development, and asteroid mining and have studied and collaborated on how asteroid mining might best be accomplished.

The CYGO Space Initiative is a team of over 50 researchers, administrative staff, students, engineers, and volunteers working to support the efforts to explore and understand minor planets and the development of space.

Fields of particular interest are planetary geologic processes, remote sensing and monitoring, spectroscopy, asteroid mining, propulsion, metal extraction, forming, molding, casting, and space manufacturing, which lead to answers about how space might best be developed for the overall benefit to earth and humanity in general.

The CYGO Space Initiative continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of earth and space.