Space Car

The SpaceCar can be used for private transport and used somewhat like interconnecting blocks to creat larger space crafts and huge, complex space platforms.

Eighth-Sphere Hull Plate. Eight placed together form a sphere 6.5 meters in diameter. The sphere has two 2.5 meter ports, which are filled with connector fittings.

Quarter Cylinder Hull Plate. Four placed together form a cylinder 6.5 meters in diameter and 9 meters in length. The cylinder has four 2.5 meter ports, each filled with connector fittings.

Connector Fitting. Connector fittings allow connectors and airlocks to be connected to an assembled SpaceCar. They allow inclusion of a cap, a window, or connection to another hull plate port or SpaceCar. Connector fittings are the ring shaped components that fit into the holes formed when you put together the hull plates.

The above components can be assembled in the desired configuration to form four structures:

(1) a simple sphere 6.5 meters in diameter,

(2) a cylinder 9 meters long and 6.5 meters in diameter with spherical end caps,

(3) a cylinder 18 meters in length with spherical end caps, and

(4) a cylinder 27 meters in length with spherical end caps.

SpaceCar image by Mike Eckardt

Radiation protection is provided by a separate shielding operation, after the initial hull assembly is completed and allowing for future platform re-configuring where possible.

SpaceCars can be used to construct spacecrafts and space platforms.